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I can build you a website that suits your particular needs.  If you want glitzy, I can give you...  If you want simple, I can do simple, but tasteful.  It is important to keep in mind that the 'busier' a site it, the longer it takes to download.  You don't want to lose a potential customer because they got tired of waiting for the site to load.

Check out some of my websites on my links page to see some of the websites I have designed.

How do we put you on the net?

First meeting:

We have a variety of plans at many price levels available to meet your needs. 

We can help you organize the presentation of your product(s) and/or services for maximum impact.

Next meeting:

We will work with you during the development of your site to ensure that your products and services are represented exactly as you wish.

Once the development phase is completed, we extensively test the site itself to ensure that all internal and external actions occur as designed. 


Finally, we publish you to the World Wide Web, but this is where our support really begins.

To ensure that your site reaches your target audience, we carefully choose the correct search engines and directories and submit to these engines and directories pointing to your site.  While all web designer will design and place your site, directory and search engine targeting will bring the customer to you.  (Due to the speed that the web is growing, it sometimes takes between 30 and 90 days after our submissions for your site to be reviewed and placed in directories and engines.)  Promoting to free search engines and directories is available with the Gold and Platinum packages.  Premium Promotion to Pay-Per-Click sites, such as Google, pay search engines and directories, commercial websites, etc. is also available on hourly basis. 

Site administration is our ongoing way of ensuring that your web presence is always working and working well.

Limited on time?  We can do all or part of this online. 

Home  ●  Price Packages  ●  About the Designer  Links
Contact Me for Quotes, Questions or Comments


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