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Why You Should Be On the Net:

Compare this website to a phone directory or newspaper advertisement.  Not only is it more vibrant and colorful, but notice how much more  information you can put on a website.    The net is more versatile than conventional print media, while far less expensive than other types of electronic media, i.e., TV and radio.  

Everyday the net grows by a million words and more than half of them are related to ebusiness, providing and selling goods and services.  

You have the ability to exhibit your goods and services in a variety of formats, which can include motion picture and sound.  

 Your web presence can encompass a single product or an entire catalog.  

You have the ability to describe your product or service in as much detail as you wish.      

You have the ability to expand beyond merely your product.  You can include information about your company, its background and your employees.

The net provides a level playing field, where your company can have as simple a presence as you wish or as complex a presence as a Fortune 500 company.  

The speed and efficiency of the net will enable you to quickly respond to customer concerns, provide information and instantly receive orders.  


Key Benefits

For comparably the same price as a small yellow page ad, you can exhibit your product or service in a colorful and individualized presentation.

You can access a activity report online at any time.  This report will provide you with exact statistics as to the effectiveness of your site.

Website administration by Zoe ensures ongoing and seamless operation of your site. 



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